I am in teaching in the MSc Biological Oceanography program in collaboration between GEOMAR and the University of Kiel.

I am also teaching Biology and Ecology of Fishes in the Three Seas Program (Northeastern University) and contributing yearly to Integrative Tropical Biology in the IGERT VInTG program in collaboration between the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and the University of Illinois.

Current teaching

  • Present2015

    MNF-bioc-270 Marine Population Genomics (GEOMAR)

    Lectures, seminars and supervised research, full course

  • Present2014

    MNF-bioc-310 Summer School or Internship (GEOMAR)

    Summer schools and internships coordination and evaluation, full course

  • Present2014

    MNF-bioc-102 Practical Course in Biological Oceanography (GEOMAR)

    One-week lab practical

  • Present2014

    MNF-bioc-334 Current Topics in Fish Ecology and Evolution (GEOMAR)

    Seminars, co-taught with O. Roth and T. Reusch

  • Present2016

    Biology and Ecology of Fishes (Three Seas)

    Two-weeks practical course, co-taught with M. Drymon

  • Present2013

    Integrative Tropical Biology (IGERT)

    One-day seminar and field trip

Teaching history

  • 20152015

    MNF-bioc-201 Advanced Course in Biological Oceanography: Marine Molecular Ecology (GEOMAR)

    Two-weeks practical, co-taught with T. Reusch and EV group members

  • 20152015

    MNF-bioc-101 Introduction to Biological Oceanography (GEOMAR)

    Seminars, co-taught

  • 20122010

    Population Genetics Workshop (University of Panama)

    Two-days population genetic workshop with lecture and computer labs

  • 20082008

    Basic Genetics (McGill)

    Teaching assistant (exercises)

  • 20072007

    Introduction to Ecology and Evolution (McGill)

    Teaching assistant (lectures and exercises)

  • 20072007

    Social Change in Panama (McGill)

    Teaching assistant (field course)

  • 20062004

    Ecological Dynamics (McGill)

    Teaching assistant (computer labs)

  • 20052005

    Research in Panama (McGill)

    Teaching assistant (independent projects)

  • 20032003

    Ecology (McGill)

    Teaching assistant (lectures)