I am in teaching in the MSc Biological Oceanography program in collaboration between GEOMAR and the University of Kiel.

I am also teaching Biology and Ecology of Fishes in the Three Seas Program (Northeastern University).

Current teaching

  • Present2015

    MNF-bioc-270 Marine Population Genomics (GEOMAR)

    Lectures, seminars and supervised research, full course

  • Present2014

    MNF-bioc-310 Summer School or Internship (GEOMAR)

    Summer schools and internships coordination and evaluation, full course

  • Present2014

    MNF-bioc-102 Practical Course in Biological Oceanography (GEOMAR)

    One-week lab practical

  • Present2014

    MNF-bioc-334 Current Topics in Fish Ecology and Evolution (GEOMAR)

    Seminars, co-taught with O. Roth and T. Reusch

  • Present2016

    Biology and Ecology of Fishes (Three Seas)

    Two-weeks field course

Teaching history

  • 20152015

    MNF-bioc-201 Advanced Course in Biological Oceanography: Marine Molecular Ecology (GEOMAR)

    Two-weeks practical, co-taught with T. Reusch and EV group members

  • 20152015

    MNF-bioc-101 Introduction to Biological Oceanography (GEOMAR)

    Seminars, co-taught

  • Present2013

    Integrative Tropical Biology (IGERT)

    Field course in collaboration between the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Coordinator (2013-2014) and co-teacher (2013-2017)

  • 20122010

    Population Genetics Workshop (University of Panama)

    Two-days population genetic workshop with lecture and computer labs

  • 20082008

    Basic Genetics (McGill)

    Teaching assistant (exercises)

  • 20072007

    Introduction to Ecology and Evolution (McGill)

    Teaching assistant (lectures and exercises)

  • 20072007

    Social Change in Panama (McGill)

    Teaching assistant (field course)

  • 20062004

    Ecological Dynamics (McGill)

    Teaching assistant (computer labs)

  • 20052005

    Research in Panama (McGill)

    Teaching assistant (independent projects)

  • 20032003

    Ecology (McGill)

    Teaching assistant (lectures)