November 30th we’ll talk about hybridization in coral trout

November 16th 2017 we’ll review a manuscript

November 9th 2017 we’ll brainstorm on the framing of the hamlet genome paper

September 13th 2017 we’ll review a manuscript

August 31st 2017 we’ll talk about recombination and divergence

August 24th 2017 we’ll discuss Mark’s review… and 12 responses!

August 17th 2017 back to regular lab meetings after a looong pause due to fieldwork disruption: let’s talk about balancing selection in stick insects

March 9th 2017 let’s read Marc’s cool paper on the ruffs

March 3rd 2017 let’s go through Riccardo’s nice paper before we fly to Puerto Rico

January 12th 2017 we’ll think about marine speciation

January 5th 2017 we’ll start the year with the seahorse and pipefish genomes

December 9th 2016 let’s read Tobias’ paper

December 2nd 2016 let’s see how our hamlet 10x assembly compares to human…

November 25th 2016 let’s look into egg trading

November 11th 2016 let’s look in to crows genomics

October 28th 2016 let’s prepare our Oslo visit and look into the evolution of the immune system

September 1st 2016 following Axel’s inspiring talk at the German Zoological Society meeting let’s look into Nicaraguan crater lakes cichlids

August 26th 2016 another paper from David

August 19th 2016 we’ll look into the blacktail butterflyfish draft genome

July 29th 2016 let’s think about population genomics inferences

July 15th 2016 let’s get into chalk bass behavior

July 8th we’ll discuss Loukas’ manuscript

June 24th 2016 back to cod

June 9th 2016 we’ll look into the genetic bases of color in birds

May 27th 2016 let’s talk about cod

May 6th 2016 let’s have a look at the new Asian seabass genome

April 22nd 2016 we’ll look in to Darwin’s finches

April 1st 2016 we’ll discuss the improvements to the Heliconius melpomene genome assembly

March 11th 2016 we’ll discuss David’s paper Genomics of Rapid Incipient Speciation in Sympatric Threespine Stickleback